Lisa Schrammel

Film (selection):
Die Vermieterin
3 Freunde 2 Feinde
WTF Happened

Lisa Schrammel  is from Tyrol, in the west of Austria and grew up in the eastern region auf Lower Austria.

After acting school (and also being taught in Dancing and Singing) she started her career and played at many austrian theaters including Landestheater Linz, Theater Phönix, TAG-Theater, Thalhof in Reichenau, Theater im Hof Enns and  Theater Drachengasse.

In recent years she also focused on her work in movies and on TV having for example roles in the Sebastian Brauneis Movies „Die Vermieterin“ and „3 Freunde 2 Feinde“ amongst others.

She is also a well sought after voice actor for commercials and documentaries.

agent: stefan redelsteiner