Christoph Krutzler

Film (selection):
Der Metzger

Christoph Krutzler was born in 1978 in Vienna, but grew up in the rural south-eastern region of Austria called the Burgenland.

After first successes at the Wiener Volkstheater and at the Rabenhof Theatre he quickly became a household name on austrian tv, with roles in popular TV-Shows such as Kommisar Rex, CopStories, Vorstadtweiber, SOKO Donau and many, many more.

Bigger and bigger roles in TV-Movies like „Der weiße Kobold“ (2019) or „Der Metzger traut sich“ (2023), culminated in his yet most popular appearance in Marvin Krens Netflix-TV-Show „Freud“ (2020), which was a success all around the world.

2024 will top all that with his role in the NETFLIX- TV-Show „Crooks“.

Krutzler also performs live every now and then with his one man show „Dem Krutzler sein Literatur Wurlitzer“, where he reads and performs all kinds of literature dear to his heart.

Krutzler is a unique actor in Austria, and his best is yet to come.

agent: stefan redelsteiner